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The advantages of creating a perimeter

The advantages of creating a perimeter

12th April 2018

Security fencing can be used to establish a perimeter around your site or premises. Perimeters of this type can be invaluable if you need to prevent access to unauthorised individuals. Still, of course, not all security measures need to be used in conjunction with a fencing perimeter. For example, CCTV cameras can monitor the area and spot potential intruders, while security shutters or cladding can protect doors and windows. However, here at Zaun, we believe that fencing-based perimeters are superior to other security options in several crucial ways. We’ll discuss them in today’s blog post.

1. Keeping the public away from your site

Security fencing perimeters create a clear boundary between your site or premises and the public area outside. This means that members of the public can’t mistakenly wander onto your property. Unfortunately, some sites can be dangerous for members of the public. What’s more, individuals who get too close to a site or premises can cause alarm among security personnel, even if they don’t mean to. Other security options can only stop wilful intruders and other criminals. Fencing-based perimeters also stop members of the public (and even animals) from inadvertently causing a security panic or putting themselves in danger.

2. Deterring criminals by creating a perimeter

Security systems that don’t use fencing don’t always look very impressive, even if they are perfectly functional. This means they don’t always act as effective deterrents against opportunistic criminals. If you want to deter criminals from trying to gain access to your site or premises, you need a security system that looks impregnable. Fencing-based perimeters look more intrusion-resistant than other security measures and therefore make more effective deterrents.

3. Creating an extra layer of security

Utilising a security fencing perimeter prevents you from adding other security measures to your site or premises. In fact, a perimeter can act as an added layer of security, making your site or premises much safer.

We at Zaun offer top-quality perimeter fencing, along with CCTV cameras, alarms and other security measures. If you decide to establish a perimeter around your site or premises, check out our wide range of fencing solutions today.

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