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Checking for damage can prolong the life of your fencing solution

Checking for damage can prolong the life of your fencing solution

26th April 2016

Here at Zaun, we take pride in the resilience and longevity of our products. Our security fencing can stand up to almost any threat and will remain strong for as long as you need it. However, even the toughest, most long-lived perimeter fencing can be affected by wear and tear. If you plan on using one of our security fencing solutions for months or years on end, you must check it for signs of damage every so often. Fixing small areas of damage or replacing individual fencing panels when compromised can help ensure that the overall fencing solution remains viable for the maximum length of time. To help you, we’ve created a list of three types of damage you should check for.

1. Cracked, bent or broken panel bases

Some of our temporary fencing solutions use panels that are kept in place by heavy bases. It’s usually hard to damage these bases, but it’s not impossible. However, if a base is hit by a vehicle or attacked with a weighty object, it may break or lose its structural integrity. If this happens, it’s important to have the base repaired or replaced as soon as possible. After all, a broken base makes it easier for potential miscreants to get past the panel that the base was supporting. Therefore, if you plan on using a temporary fencing solution for several months, we recommend checking for compromised panel bases regularly.

2. Bent bars

If you’ve opted for one of our mesh, permanent fencing solutions, you still need to check that it hasn’t been damaged regularly. These fences are often made of steel wires or solid metal bars or posts, so check to ensure that these haven’t been severely damaged or bent out of shape. One or two bent posts won’t pose a significant problem for the fence, but if a large enough number is bent out of shape, it could undermine the fence’s structure and make it easier to breakthrough. You don’t have to check for bent bars too often, as it takes a lot of force to damage them. However, we suggest that you make sure your post-based fencing solution regularly, to be safe.

Of course, we offer so many different types of fencing here at Zaun that no single type of damage applies to all of them. However, it’s always worth checking for the types of damage that apply to your fencing solution if you want to ensure that it lasts for months or years. Nonetheless, it’s worth remembering that you only need to check for damage as a precaution. Here at Zaun, we are confident that our security fencing solutions are tough enough to deal with most situations.