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4 sports fencing solutions for safety and security

4 sports fencing solutions for safety and security

19th September 2019

A top-notch sports facility is vital when it comes to creating sporting opportunities for everyone, from the beginner to the elite athlete. Premises that are properly designed, built to last and well looked after are not only satisfying to use but give better returns on investment.

Here are just some effective sports fencing solutions for your sporting facility.

Ball game & practice ground fencing

This fencing system assists in setting boundaries to prevent balls from passing through to unwanted areas. The fences and cages are made from a wide range of mesh and webbing solutions for different applications. They are mostly suitable for cricket lanes, golfing drives and baseball practice areas where good visibility is essential, making the mesh a popular choice. The fence needs to be maintained through regular visual inspections, cleaning, and repairing if needed.

Spectator fencing

These fences and rails come in various types from filled or unfilled weld mesh to wooden posts and portable plastic systems. One crucial consideration is the height of the fence. It is mandatory to reduce any chance of the ball leaving the pitch which can potentially injure the spectator.

Secondly, the fence should be strong enough to withstand high impacts from all types of balls. It should also not make a clattering sound when it’s struck in order to provide a more enjoyable spectating experience.

Pitch-dividing fencing and netting

Such perimeter fencing allows for a large sports pitch to be subdivided into smaller areas to be used for the same sport or different sports. The fencing used in dividing the pitch can be adjusted to suit the particular area dimensions and can be supplied with gates built in to help with access across both areas. Sports netting can also function to divide areas easily.

Sports netting systems

As well as dividing pitches, sports nets can assist in raising the height of existing fencing or perimeters economically, serving to help contain balls, shuttlecocks and more within a particular facility. The nets also prevent foreign objects from landing in the pitch which can be destructive for the players. This guarantees the players and spectators safety when within the facility since they are less prone to injuries.

To find out more about the sports fencing and netting options we offer for your facility, get in touch with us at Zaun today.