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Electric fencing – the ultimate solution to your security needs

Electric fencing – the ultimate solution to your security needs

11th April 2019

Ever thought of electric fencing as the ultimate solution to your security needs? You ought to. While a high perimeter wall and a gate also provide some level of security, electric fencing is what actually adds the extra into the ordinary. From protecting your valuable assets to your property, the system is very strong, cost-effective. In addition, it provides both psychological and physical barriers for the control of animals and would-be criminals.

Why an electric fence? Here are some benefits:

  • It is easy to install. Do you think about tools and labour? The installation process requires very minimal tools and labour, saving you a lot of time. In addition, one person is enough to get the job done instead of traditional fencing, which requires a huge workforce.
  • Cost-effective. It is relatively cheaper when compared to other fencing options such as rail, wood or even barbed wire. In this case, less wire and fewer posts are needed.
  • Flexibility. An electric fence can be installed almost anywhere, regardless of geographical location or environment. The ease that comes along with its installation also makes it flexible.
  • Fewer maintenance costs. Because electric fences are made of steel or aluminium wires that have been coated to prevent rusting, you won’t have to worry about precipitation or the need for painting. Instead, the routine maintenance will only include checking on the voltage level and preventing other objects like grass from touching the fence.

Why are electric fences a smart way to protect your property?

  • Versatility. What existing fence structure do you have? Worry not! Any structure can be modified to include an electric fencing component. It could either be at the top of the fence to hinder intruders from climbing over or at the bottom to deter trespassers from crawling under.
  • Safety. They are a safer way to protect your property. The shock delivered by an electric fence is non-lethal. Its voltage can also be adjusted either up or down.

From delaying to detecting unwanted visitors from accessing your premises or property, electric fencing stands out as your ultimate security solution. Get one that perfectly matches your protection needs!