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The toughest fences for the toughest jobs

The toughest fences for the toughest jobs

26th April 2018

For most businesses and organisations, standard mesh security fencing provides adequate protection. After all, most small-to-medium-sized businesses are only targeted by petty criminals and vandals, who are easily deterred or thwarted. However, some high-profile organisations require more resilient fencing due to the type of threats they have to deal with.

For example, sites and premises belonging to organisations of national importance might be attacked by terrorists. Meanwhile, sites and premises belonging to huge businesses might be targeted by organised criminals or corporate espionage agents. If you’re in charge of such a business or organisation, you need to invest in a much tougher fencing solution than the average business owner. But what makes a fence sturdy enough to guard against terrorists and organised criminals?

1. Closer weave

Most mesh fences have fairly large gaps between their steel wires. This helps them look less forbidding and ensures that they don’t interfere with the open and friendly brands of the businesses that use them. However, fences that are designed to repel organised criminals and terrorists have a much closer weave. The steel wires of these fences are set much closer together. This makes the fence tougher overall while also making it harder to cut through. A close weave also makes it harder for would-be intruders to get a foothold on a fence, thereby making it harder for them to climb over.

2. High tensile steel wires

All mesh fences use reasonably tough steel wires. However, mesh fences that are designed to deal with well-equipped criminals and extremists use very high-tensile wires. These wires are even tougher to cut through or damage than ordinary steel wires. Even with professional equipment, intruders should find it almost impossible to cut through the wires used in these fences.

3. Improved fence toppings

Fence toppings can be fitted to any security fencing to make it harder to climb over. Most fence toppings are designed to be fitted to ordinary security fences: they create overhangs or make fences too awkward to climb in another way. However, some fence toppings are more appropriate for use with high-grade fences. If you have a fence that’s designed to keep out terrorists and highly organised intruders, you can add barbed wire or razor wire fence toppings to it, for example. Unfortunately, these types of fence toppings don’t just make it harder to climb over a fence; they actively harm anyone who tries.

Here at Zaun, we offer both ordinary fences and fences designed to be used on sites of national importance. We also offer a wide range of fence toppings that can be used to bolster these fences. If you need a security fencing solution that will keep out the most determined crooks and extremists, choose an option with a close weave and high tensile steel wires, then equip it with a top-quality fence-topping.