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At home with wire mesh fences

At home with wire mesh fences

16th October 2018

What comes to mind when you think about mesh fencing and gates? Long sweeps of posts and wires marking the boundaries of fields? Retail parks or leisure complexes surrounded by high-security perimeters? It’s true that clients choose us to manage, design and install wire mesh fencing for their industrial, sports and agricultural settings because we are market leaders and because of its strength and durability. But think again! This type of fencing isn’t just great for commercial purposes. It can be used for residential homes, not just those at the high end of the market.

Families like it because it looks good

For building contractors, wire mesh is a cost-effective option for the exterior fencing for housing developments and garden boundaries. It is a flexible and long-lasting method of marking out property without being too intrusive. Home-owners like it because it isn’t too ‘precious’, and they can build on it with additional fencing later if they choose to. Plus, it comes in an attractive range of colours, including brown and green, for a good aesthetic look that blends with the environment.

It keeps children safe.

Families worried about over-adventurous younger members welcome wire mesh fencing because it can be selected with small gaps to prevent climbing holds! Plus, as these fences have no sharp edges, personal safety is at a premium. If the space is large or divided into sections, you’ll have high visibility: perfect for keeping an eye on kids as they play outdoors. That’s why it is good for public spaces and children’s playgrounds, too.

Gardens love it

Whereas wire mesh fencing can be chosen to prevent children from climbing, it can also be the ideal option to support plants that like to climb! Unlike strings and wires attached by nails or loops, this type of fencing is strong enough to hold the weight of heavy greenery with flowers that want to reach for the skies! Plus, gardens with vulnerable outbuildings or sheds can benefit from the additional security of wire mesh across their windows.

If durability, flexibility and cost are important to you when it comes to homes, call Zaun today.