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How to choose the perfect temporary fence

How to choose the perfect temporary fence

02nd July 2019

Temporary fencing is ideal for sites that require short-to-medium term security solutions. It can be deployed quickly and repositioned when necessary. It can even be removed easily when it is no longer needed. However, it’s important to be careful when buying or renting temporary security fencing. Some fences are made to a higher standard than others. Obviously, you want the best fencing solution possible for your temporary site or premises. That’s why we’ve created a list of the top three criteria to consider when choosing temporary fencing. If a fence meets all of these criteria, it should serve your needs perfectly.

1. Heavy bases

Permanent fences are usually secured in places using foundations or posts that are forced into the ground. However, temporary fences can’t be put in place using these irreversible measures. As a result, many are attached to moveable bases that allow them to remain upright and in position. We recommend choosing temporary fencing that utilises hefty bases. Heavy bases make it harder for would-be intruders to move temporary fencing panels. They also make the panels more resistant to strong winds and other weather conditions.

2. Sturdy material

Temporary fences made from plastic or other lightweight materials are useful to create a clear boundary around a site. However, they don’t provide a great deal of security. If you want to protect your site or premises properly, we suggest opting for a metal temporary fence. Most permanent fences are made from iron. This is because it has high tensile strength and can, therefore, resist intrusion attempts that utilise blunt force very effectively. There’s no reason to protect temporary sites differently from permanent ones: don’t settle for an inferior material when selecting temporary fencing.

3. Reliable structure

Mesh security fences are very resilient. The mesh structure helps dissipate any force generated by any impacts to fencing panels, making it harder for criminals to break them down. However, it’s also difficult and time-consuming for intruders to make a gap in a mesh fence, as they have to cut one strand of wire mesh at a time. Several different temporary fencing structures are available, but if you want to maximise your security, we believe you should select wire mesh temporary fencing.

It will help if you put the same care into choosing temporary fencing that you would into choosing permanent fencing. To help you, we offer a broad selection of sturdy, well-designed temporary fences with solid bases. Here at Zaun, we take pride in creating temporary security solutions as effectively as our permanent solutions, so check out our product pages today.