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Choosing between permanent and temporary fencing

Choosing between permanent and temporary fencing

27th March 2018

Temporary fencing and permanent fencing can both be used to establish perimeters and ensure the security of a site or premises. However, each type of fencing is used under different circumstances. Naturally, temporary fencing is usually used when a site doesn’t need to be secured indefinitely. For example, it may be used to protect a site where an event is being held to be removed when the event is over, or it may be used to defend a construction site until construction is complete. In contrast, permanent security fencing is used on-premises and sites that need constant, long-term protection.

In most cases, the choice between permanent and temporary fencing is easy. However, there are occasions when the decision might not be so clear-cut. For example, what type of fencing should you use if your premises needs long-term protection but may grow over time? Conversely, if your site is permanent but has constantly evolving security requirements, is it better to use permanent or temporary fencing? If you’re having trouble choosing which type of fencing to use, we suggest that you consider the following factors.

1. Speed of change

If you’re responsible for a site or premises whose security needs are likely to change over time, you should consider how quickly these changes are likely to occur. If you’re planning on expanding the site or changing its security measures within a few months, it’s better to choose temporary fencing that can easily be moved or removed when necessary. If your site (or its security needs) aren’t going to change for at least a year, however, it may make more sense to invest in sturdy, permanent security fencing. It can still be changed or removed when necessary, but it will be easier to maintain over a long period.

2. Extent of change

If your site or premises will only expand slightly or acquire a few new security needs, it may be possible to expand or add to your perimeter without completely changing your security fencing. In this case, it’s more cost-effective to invest in permanent security fencing and then incorporate it into your expanded or altered perimeter later. If your site or its security needs are going to change radically, however, it might be better to choose temporary fencing. After all, you’ll need a completely new perimeter anyway.

3. Available resources

High-quality temporary fencing is very secure, but permanent fencing is usually even more secure. If you have sufficient financial resources and need to protect your site or premises as thoroughly as possible, it’s sometimes better to choose permanent fencing, even if you won’t use it for very long. If your resources are more limited, however, it makes financial sense to choose temporary fencing.

Here at Zaun, we understand that every business’s security needs are different. We hope that considering the factors we’ve listed in today’s blog helps you choose the best fencing for your company’s site or premises. We offer both permanent and temporary fencing, so visit our product pages when you’ve made your decision.