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4 benefits of temporary fencing

4 benefits of temporary fencing

16th April 2020

There are several reasons why an individual or company may be considering installing temporary fencing. For example, they may be organising a high-profile conference, a festival or a sporting event. Below we look at 5 benefits of temporary fencing.

1. Keep out individuals with malicious intent

If you are planning a ticketed event or are trying to keep precious items safe at an event, e.g. paintings during an art festival, temporary fencing is essential to ensure individuals with malicious intent cannot easily enter. In addition, temporary fencing is ideal for events that will take place over the course of a few days, as it will ensure the area is safe overnight and thieves will not be able to steal from the event easily.

2. Advertising space

If you want to raise money for your event, you can sell advertising space on your temporary fence. For example, you could ask local businesses if they would like to hang their logo or a poster for a small fee.

3. Manage pedestrians

When you are holding an event in a public place, it is important to consider the safety of individuals attending your event and that of the general public. Temporary fencing will inform the public an event is taking place so they can take another route to avoid overcrowding around your event.

4. Effective security solutions

If hostile vehicle mitigation is needed at your event – for example, organising a political conference or global event – temporary fencing can provide this protection. Temporary fencing can be customised to meet your specific needs and ensure all attendees are safe.

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