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3 types of events where temporary fencing is a must

3 types of events where temporary fencing is a must

19th August 2020

Installing permanent security fencing is a sensible decision in many situations. Businesses are a great example as they need the security which fencing delivers on a long-term basis. Permanent fencing, though, is not always the right choice in other situations. For example, if you are putting on a one-off event or do not need fencing outside your premises all the time, temporary fencing is a good call. But what type of event does this suit best?

Large scale sporting events

One type of event for which temporary security fencing is essential are large sporting ones. If you have a big sporting event coming up in the future at your venue, perimeter fencing will help keep everyone safe. In addition, this kind of fencing outside stadiums will help the event be easier to control for staff and run in a more organised way. The event this covers includes things like the Olympic Games, World Cup or European Cup matches in football, big tennis competitions like Wimbledon and major international fixtures in other sports.

Major music gigs

Music is an important part of most people’s lives, and we should hopefully see live music back again soon. When it does, the major attractions will be gigs from the biggest names in music, like Ed Sheeran or Adele. This is another event where temporary fencing is beneficial. Installing security fencing for these huge gigs will ensure that people can queue in a safe, organised way outside your venue and are protected from passing traffic as they do. Temporary security fencing is also required to protect VIPs and performers from crowds and potential threats.


As we head out of Covid lockdown, we will hopefully begin to see festivals appear once more. From music ones to comedy or literature, festivals are a key part of life for many people. These sorts of events are ideal for temporary fencing required as well. They allow staff at the gate to deal with those waiting to get in calmly and without too many people trying to rush the door. Security fencing will also make your festival look more professional and adhere to any legal regulations involved in putting an event like this on. Temporary security fencing is also required to protect VIPs and performers from the crowds and potential threats

Temporary fencing is a versatile solution.

As you can see, temporary high-security fencing can come in very useful for many different kinds of events. As more events begin to spring up after the Covid-19 lockdown, they are worth thinking about for any that may draw big crowds. It is important to keep spectators and visitors safe and maintain social distancing; this could be using fencing to guide people to safe areas to observe or protect VIPs and others. Here at Zaun, we have a range of temporary fencing required durable and great value for money. Call today for more details or for a chat about how we can help.