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Three ways that music festivals use temporary fencing

Three ways that music festivals use temporary fencing

15th June 2021

Music festivals are so often the highlight of British summers. Come rain or shine, gathering with friends and strangers in fields up and down the country to take in first-class live music is something that thousands enjoy and will hopefully be looking forward to the return of next year.

Of course, certain things are staples at music festivals. Packing wellies in case the skies open and the muddiness begins essentially. Being tempted by the food and craft stands is another. And, there will always be parts of the festival site lined with high-security temporary fences.

Whether you are a festival organiser or perhaps just curious about the ins and outs of UK major events, here you will find some of how temporary fencing plays a key part at music festivals.

Queue safety and organisation

Entering a festival site for the first time is always full of excitement, and guests are often anxious to get in. The reality is that security and ticket checks need to take place first, though, often creating queues. Managing these in an orderly and safe fashion is a must and made possible via temporary fencing that guides the layout of the queue. High-security railings can often be easily moved around to fit the situation they are needed for.

Fencing off VIP and backstage areas

At major festivals, high security is often imperative to keep the safety, privacy and wellbeing of artists in check. Despite the huge scale of some music festivals, private spaces for talent tend to be few and far between. Using temporary fencing, these spaces can be made around stages to create convenient hubs for artists to relax and private walkways between stages.

Creating spaces for festival staff

Staff at all levels are key to the smooth running of a successful festival. Everyone must be in sync to ensure a well-run event, from those on the security gates to the media team and caterers. Railings can help make an area designated for staff, where they can take breaks, hold team meetings, and use it as a base for the festival’s duration.

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