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Making railings more secure in three easy steps

Making railings more secure in three easy steps

07th June 2018

Railings are a very stylish alternative to perimeter fencing. Compared to fencing solutions, railings have an understated aesthetic and can make your perimeter seem friendlier and more customer-friendly. However, mesh fencing tends to be more secure, partly because mesh wiring is better at absorbing force than straight rails and partly because fences can be equipped with fence toppings and other traditional security measures. Therefore, you may think that you can’t opt for a railing-based perimeter solution without compromising security. However, this isn’t necessarily the case. There are several steps you can take to increase the security of an ordinary railing solution. We’ll take a look at these in today’s blog.

1. Apply anti-climb paint

Anti-climb paint doesn’t dry in the same way that ordinary paint does: it remains greasy for an indefinite period of time after it is applied. By applying it to your railings, you can prevent would-be intruders from getting a foot-hold and thereby stop them from climbing over. It may also leave a mark on their clothes or skin, making them easier to identify if necessary. Anti-climb paint can stop criminals from scaling stylish railings without detracting from the appearance. It can also deter them.

2. Deploy subtle security measures

You may not be able to add fence toppings to a railing-based perimeter, but you can distribute discreet security measures throughout the surrounding area. CCTV cameras and alarms don’t have to be attached to railings if this isn’t possible: they can be positioned inside or just outside your perimeter in places where they won’t detract from its appearance. They also won’t be detected by would-be intruders until they’ve already been caught out.

3. Elevate your railings or choose a tall railing solution

Having your railing solution installed on a rise or artificial elevation can make it much harder to climb. It can also prevent vehicles from ramming it if you’re worried about vehicular intrusion attempts. You can also stop intruders from climbing over by choosing the tallest railing solution possible. Railings may be non-threatening and stylish, but they can still be effective anti-intruder measures.

Here at Zaun, we offer railings alongside our more conventional security fencing solutions. Both options are viable in different situations. If you decide that railings are right for your site or premises, you can follow the advice in today’s blog to make sure they provide the maximum amount of security possible. In addition, we can supply you with additional security measures, including CCTV systems and alarms, and we can help you install your railings in an elevated position if necessary. Feel free to contact us today for more details. You’ll have to source your own anti-climb paint, though.