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Zaun launches barcode railings

Zaun launches barcode railings

06th September 2016

Steel fencing pioneer Zaun has introduced barcode railings into its range for corporate marketing messages or innovative learning experiences for students.

Zaun has developed the inventive barcode railing system from its standard vertical bar railing range to offer architects and specifiers the creative option of delivering messages when the fencing is scanned.

Mobile phones and tablets can reveal the embedded coded messages contained within the railings – while the solution can also be included into swing and sliding gates.

Marketing manager Steve Roberts said: ‘We see the barcode railing as a fun and ingenious form of differentiation within a practical solution to securing perimeters or demarcating different property areas.

‘We can see schools liking the idea of making their learning environment more appealing. And it will work just as well for quirky company branding and residential areas that want to name their developments in a different way.’

Zaun already offers colour fencing and railings, through visibility, incorporation of logos or lettering and laser cut steel figures so architects can make their perimeter solutions truly unique.

The barcode railings are available in heights of 0.5 to 2.0 metres with in-ground, bolt-down or cranked installation options. Railings are galvanised and polyester powder coated in a range of colours.