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Only bespoke tennis mesh improved for specifiers and installers

Only bespoke tennis mesh improved for specifiers and installers

14th April 2015

The only mesh fencing system in the UK designed specifically for tennis courts has been improved, especially for specifiers and fencing installers in time for the forthcoming summer season.

Zaun has cut lead times and prices on its Advantage Tennis system, made available a Super Rebound option, and introduced an economy version using Duo6 mesh.

Specification of Super Rebound means a tennis court can stage many other games, such as football and basketball, maximising the use of scarce sports facilities and making it ideal for sports grounds and leisure centres as well as tennis clubs.

We are the only UK manufacturer of bespoke tennis mesh – and will happily take orders for small quantities, unlike its foreign competitors. We have also upgraded its machining capability to reduce manufacturing timescales and so lead times to order drastically.

Zaun’s Advantage Tennis mesh eliminates many of the downsides of traditional tennis chain link fencing, which deforms over time and is easy to cut, disfigure and vandalise.

By contrast, our mesh can withstand heavy use while allowing easy viewing of the on-court action. In addition, it uses a 200mm x 40mm twin wire mesh that is small enough to prevent tennis balls from passing through, thus improving gameplay and ball retention.

A dual wire mesh design results in a strong and extremely durable court perimeter and enhances the area in which it is situated.

Fixings every 200mm and rubber inserts at each fixing virtually eliminate rattle during play. In addition, a clamp bar covering the panel ends ensures a safe playing surface with no sharp edges. Gates to match are also available.

Advantage Tennis 001