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How to choose the right wire mesh panels

How to choose the right wire mesh panels

10th February 2021

Wire mesh panel fencing is becoming increasingly popular as a versatile and secure choice for schools and businesses. It’s quick to install and can work well in a range of settings, but it’s also important to understand that a few types of wire mesh panels around and choosing the right type for your business are important.

What kinds of wire mesh panels are available?

The first thing to consider is what kind of wire mesh fencing is best for your purposes.

Profile mesh fencing, which consists of ‘V’ beams crimped into the panel, is commonly used in schools, parks and other sites which require low-level security.

358/prison mesh fencing, with close-knit apertures, is used in security settings, including prisons and ports etc., also commonly called anti-climb mesh.

Twin-wire mesh fencing, featuring double wire horizontals, makes the fencing strong, ideal for sports pitches, MUGAs and perimeters not likely to sustain forcible attacks.

Double-layer mesh fencing (double skin 358), which combines two layers of mesh for even more security, is usually used on high-security sites such as data centres or prisons.

Check the quality of the steel.

When you’re investing in wire mesh fencing for security, it’s important to make sure that the steel used in the production of your chosen fencing is good quality, strong, and durable. In addition, steel wire should be traceable back to an ISO 9001:2015-accredited source, which means it meets contemporary standards for this kind of product.

It’s also important to find out when your chosen steel was galvanised because it will determine some key facts. For example, steel should be galvanised after welding so that the mesh’s protective zinc coating isn’t removed by the welding process. On the other hand, zinc alloy coated or pre-galv fencing can be galvanised before welding because of its higher aluminium content.

Choosing the diameter of your steel wire

The diameter of the steel wire which your mesh fencing is made up of will also affect the strength of your fencing. The diameter of the wire and the amount of wires generally affects the security level of the fence. The thicker the wire used in your mesh fencing, the stronger the fence will be; the more wires the fence has increased the delay to any miscreants.

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