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Three questions to consider before buying security fencing

Three questions to consider before buying security fencing

05th April 2016

Here at Zaun, we sell a broad range of fencing solutions because we understand that every situation is different and requires slightly different security measures. So whether you need to defend private property, business premises or a one-off event, we are certain to have a security fencing solution that will suit your needs exactly.

But how can you be sure which type of fencing you need? There are several key questions you should ask yourself before you select one. The answers to these questions will give you the criteria you need to pick the ideal fencing solution.

1. “How long will I need your security fencing for?”

Perimeter fencing can provide security for short periods of time or secure an area permanently. If you wish to establish long-term protection for a privately-owned space or a business premises, you should probably opt for a permanent fencing solution. However, if you only need to secure an area for a short period of time because an event is taking place there, you should opt for a temporary fencing solution.

Of course, some events occur in the same place every month or year. In this case, you should think carefully about whether it’s worth setting up a permanent fencing solution that can be reused each time. If you decide against this course of action, you can always hire temporary fencing for each iteration of the event.

2. “Is there a chance my fencing will be hit by vehicles?”

If the area you wish to protect is near a road, there is a chance that your security fencing will be rammed by vehicles. This may occur accidentally or as part of a deliberate attempt to breach your perimeter. Luckily, security fences that are specially designed to withstand vehicular impact are available. First, however, it would help if you considered whether you would need vehicle-resistant security fencing or HVM fencing, as it is commonly known very carefully.

3. “Is it important for my security fencing to look aesthetically pleasing?”

At Zaun, we endeavour to make sure that all our fencing solutions are visually acceptable. However, some of our fences are designed to be functional, whereas others also have a degree of aesthetic charm. If you need to cultivate a friendly environment or impress customers or visitors, you may opt for a visually pleasing fencing option. However, if you need to establish an ultra-secure perimeter, you should choose a type of fencing that prioritises resilience over appearance.

Carefully considering the questions above will give you a set of guidelines that you can use to choose a security fencing solution to suit you. Whatever type of fencing you need, we’re confident that we can provide it.