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3 design ideas to make custom security fencing stand out

3 design ideas to make custom security fencing stand out

20th July 2021

All businesses know how effective security fencing is now. This type of perimeter fencing is beneficial for several reasons. Not only does it protect that inside, but it also keeps intruders out. Of course, this also means it helps to protect your buildings, stock and grounds as well. However, it’s not only security that this sort of fencing can improve – but it can also help with the overall look of your site.

Custom security fencing is an awesome way to give an extra boost to your site’s overall look. While you may want it to blend in with your other hard landscaping, many businesses actually opt to make it stand out as an extra feature. But what are the best ways to do this?

Choose a bold colour.

Custom fencing comes in a wide choice of colours – in fact, you can normally choose any you like or tie it in with your branding. As such, using bold and bright colours is a good way of helping your fencing stand out. This is also handy if you place the fencing somewhere that you actively plan to draw attention to.

Unusual shapes

While standard fencing in regular shapes is fine, you can add lots of visual appeal to your grounds by ordering custom fencing in a more unusual design. You may, for example, choose a perimeter fence for your factory site that has a wavy top edge to the fencing. This will look fabulous and help your business stand out in the local community. With the ability to laser cut custom fencing to almost any shape, the only limit is your imagination.

Lettering or pictures

If you really want to catch people’s attention, why not think about adding letters or picture designs? Both can be great ideas for building up your brand and putting it in front of more people each day. As people walk past your fencing, they will see your company name or logo – which is valuable extra marketing. It also looks great for staff and helps them to further engage with your business.

Custom security fencing from Zaun

Here at Zaun, we can manufacture custom fencing in a range of shapes and colours. We can also include letters, logos and pictures as needed. Get in touch at [email protected] today for more details.

Check out our case study at Ashford as an example of what can be done