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Plan your temporary fencing to avoid problems

Plan your temporary fencing to avoid problems

30th March 2017

When considering temporary security fencing at major events, it’s not just what equipment you commission and install that matters; it’s also about the layout you use.

Clearly, the principal aim is to ensure that people can be carefully contained and directed when they attend the event to keep artists, sports teams, speakers, and everyone else involved safe.

But there’s always the danger that, without thorough planning, your security fencing could hinder as much as it can help, spoiling the event for participants and organisers.

Even Presidential events can have fencing problems.

It can happen at the biggest and best events. For example, United States President Donald Trump believes the security fencing on the Mall in Washington DC was one of the main reasons his inauguration crowd “appeared” to be lower than his predecessor. White House press secretary Sean Spicer said that fencing and metal detectors such as magnetometers prevented hundreds of thousands of people from accessing the Mall as quickly as they had in previous years.

Yorkshire security fence stops traffic.

Fencing erected without planning can create other problems too. For example, in Dewsbury, Yorkshire, a homeowner spent £10,000 on security fencing around his property after repeatedly being burgled. However, the local authority ordered him to remove it as it was “distracting motorists”.

The same could be said of fencing for schools, prisons, or major industrial and commercial site security. Again, the configuration must be right to ensure it manages the appropriate flow of people, rather than excessively impeding them from going about their business.

Fencing is regulated by the law.

Some people don’t realise that security fencing is also the subject of legislation and regulation these days. For example, legal requirements are clear when protecting people at events or on large industrial, construction or commercials sites.

So, the layout of temporary security fencing for an event – and permanent site security fencing – must be carefully balanced to ensure that it doesn’t unnecessarily impede people moving around or block their view. Plus, getting it installed and dismantled to a clear schedule avoids inevitable complaints when it “clutters” public areas after the event is over.

Site surveys and proper skills for security fence plans

The need for careful planning is one reason Zaun offers highly skilled and experienced staff who provide consultation and site surveys for every fencing project. Zaun doesn’t just take responsibility for getting the right materials to match the project’s specifications and manufacturing it to a high standard. We also ensure that it fits the physical parameters and geographical constraints, meeting the exact event requirements without negative impact.

Zaun also offers an installation service to further add to the seamlessness of the process – in other words, we are a one-stop shop when designing, manufacturing, and installing security fencing to ensure it helps not hinder the successful outcome event.