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Three ways to make Secure Temporary Fences

Three ways to make Secure Temporary Fences

27th September 2018

Temporary perimeter fencing is ideal for securing events and short-term sites, but it isn’t as sturdy as permanent fencing. So if you’re considering using temporary fencing but need as much protection as possible, you may want to bolster its security. Luckily, you can take several quick and easy steps to make temporary fencing even more secure.

1. Weigh down the bottom of the fence panels as much as possible

All metal fencing is tough to break through. However, permanent fencing is usually embedded in the ground, making it almost impossible to push over, whereas temporary fencing is usually kept upright using weighted blocks. These blocks can weigh up to 750kg and are positioned at the bottom of each panel. Nonetheless, an intruder will try to rock the fences until they topple, so you might want to add extra weight to the bottom of the panels to make them more stable.

2. Add fence toppings and alarms

You may think that fence toppings can only be equipped with permanent security fences. In reality, they can also be attached to temporary fencing solutions. They make it harder for intruders to climb the fences and provide an obvious deterrent. Alarm systems can also be attached to temporary fences as easily as permanent ones. A study carried out by Dr Joseph B. Kuhns suggests that 81% of burglars actively avoid targeting premises with alarm systems. Therefore, simply adding fence toppings and alarms to your temporary fencing panels can make them a much more powerful deterrent.

3. Take advantage of HVM measures

Criminals may try to overcome temporary fencing using vehicles. Luckily, not all hostile vehicle mitigation measures require long installation processes. In addition, some vehicle blockers and barricades can be put in place with the same ease as temporary fencing, so use these to bolster your temporary perimeter.

Here at Zaun, we offer bespoke fencing solutions for both permanent and temporary perimeters. We can add fence toppings and alarms or even put the additional weight at the bottom of our panels to make them sturdier. We also provide a wide range of easily deployed HVM solutions.