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Business security review – Which areas should you focus on?

Business security review – Which areas should you focus on?

05th February 2021

Planning out your strategies around marketing, finance, and growth is crucial for any company as we move further into 2021. One other thing you should do is review your business security arrangements. This will allow you to detect any vulnerabilities or make sure the security measures you have in place are up to scratch.

But what areas should you focus on reviewing now?

Perimeter fencing

Perimeter fencing plays a key role in protecting your staff, visitors, stock, and buildings from data centre security to offices, waterworks, warehouses, and beyond. Now is the ideal time to review your current security fencing arrangements and take action if needed. Take time to conduct an audit of your fencing, so you can pick up on any broken sections or need replacing or a security risk. It is also key to pick up on areas that do not have fencing and are easy to access for intruders.

Business Security Review – your visitor policy

Security fencing is superb at keeping out people who should not be on your site, but it can’t do anything about people who are allowed access in error! Many companies have a visitor policy that is either non-existent or not stringent enough. In some cases, the policy is fine, but staff do not enforce it properly. Be sure to look your visitor policy over and make any updates needed as we move into 2021. It is also worth a gentle email reminder to staff about the policy and how vital it is to follow it.

Online security

The threat of cyber-crime is something that grows with each passing year. It is now just as key to stay safe online as it is in the real world. With this in mind, why not look at your online security plan and make sure it is robust enough for the coming 12 months? As well as ensuring there are no gaps for hackers to exploit, this will mean you know when renewals for things like anti-virus subscriptions are due.

Effective perimeter fencing from Zaun

If you need top-quality, tough security fencing putting up to protect your business, contact Zaun today at [email protected]. Our woven and welded mesh fencing is the ideal choice to keep intruders out and make 2021 safer for your company.