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Confronting terrorism: are you secure enough?

Confronting terrorism: are you secure enough?

18th July 2017

As we mentioned in our previous blog entry, terrorist attacks can be horrifyingly unpredictable. But, sadly, they also seem to be developing into a widespread problem. In recent weeks, both London and Manchester have suffered murderous attacks from extremists. If you are responsible for securing a business, organisation or event, you may be wondering whether you need to increase your security measures in light of the recent spate of attacks. The answer to this question depends on several factors. We’ll look closely at these factors in today’s blog so that you can make an informed decision regarding your security arrangements.

1. Proximity to the heart of major population centres

Big cities and other major population centres are far more likely to be targeted by terrorists than smaller towns and remote areas. If your business, site or organisation is located in the heart of a big city, you should definitely consider increasing your security measures. If you are in a major city but not near its centre, you should also consider beefing up your security, but refrain from panicking: you may not need new security measures urgently as more central businesses and organisations. More remote businesses, events and organisations are much less likely to be attacked. If you decide to increase your security, remember that tougher security fences, advanced CCTV monitoring systems and well-trained security personnel can all help protect you from terrorist attacks.

2. Openness of your site or premises

Terrorists usually target sites and areas where they are likely to harm large numbers of civilians. They also tend to disguise themselves among crowds of ordinary people before launching their attacks. Tragically, if your site or premises is open to the public, it is much more likely to be attacked by terrorists than if it is only accessible by members. Unfortunately, no security can keep out terrorists but let ordinary people pass. If your site is open to the public, you should consider using CCTV to spot anyone acting suspiciously instead.

3. Political ideologies and affiliations

If your business, organisation or event espouses a particular political or philosophical ideology, it may be targeted by terrorist groups who oppose that ideology. Similarly, you may be targeted if you are affiliated with any political groups because of these links. In other words, if your business, organisation or event has a political aspect, it’s best to increase your security measures in the current climate.

Terrorism is always shocking, and nobody wants to think that they might be targeted by extremist groups. However, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. So if your business, event or organisation might be at risk, contact us today so we can help defend you. Here at Zaun, we want to keep you safe, and we have the perimeter fencing and security apparatus to do so.