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Why bin security is vital for your business

Why bin security is vital for your business

23rd May 2019

Protecting your rubbish might be seen as counter-productive. It’s only rubbish, after all, and what does it matter if something happens to it? Well, it can actually be important for several key reasons.


There could be several different reasons why you are throwing away rubbish. Some of that might be loose rubbish or dangerous equipment. However, keeping children away from it will be important as you don’t want them to get injured.


Animals are curious by nature, and there are three reasons you wouldn’t want them snooping around your bins. First, it can attract dangerous animals such as foxes to your premises. Second, the animals might get seriously injured, and there is also the chance that they will be incredibly messy. So you want to make sure animals stay away at all costs.


Some will make a nuisance of themselves for the sake of it. Others will look for items they can sell on or look for information that might be sensitive. Having a deterrent to such people is important and will give your business the security it needs.

The solution

The best solution is to get bin storage cages. You will be able to lock away rubbish until it gets collected safely. You will be able to get a bespoke design that will suit your needs and make sure you can make the most of the space you have.

They can be made with a wide variety of different colours, or you can have the cage galvanized to give it protection from corrosion. They can also be fitted with mesh roofs, shelves and doors depending on your specific security needs, with additional security also possible.

Protecting your business

Mesh fencing is important for a wide number of reasons. Having your bins under high security is one of them, and at Zaun, we’ll be able to match your needs to come up with the perfect solution for you. We are the experts in all types of security fencing, and our bin storage cages will help give you the peace of mind you need.