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Identifying your site’s unique security needs

Identifying your site’s unique security needs

02nd May 2017

There’s no ‘one size fits all solution in the world of security. Every site and premise has different security requirements, faces different challenges and needs a different bespoke solution. Therefore, when choosing security measures, you need to think carefully about how your site or premises differs from others. This can help you identify strengths, weaknesses, and requirements unique to your site, thereby giving you the chance to choose appropriate security measures to complement or deal with them. In today’s blog, we’d like to talk about the key areas you should look at if you want to identify the things that make your site or premises unique.

1. Local geography

It’s important to think about where your site or premises is situated, as the local landscape can change the efficacy of various security measures. For example, if your premises is located in the middle of a crowded city, you will have to think carefully about where to deploy CCTV cameras, as their lines of sight may be blocked by other buildings and structures. You’ll need to factor this in when choosing where to place them. Remember to be aware of any local features or structures that will limit the effective range of security measures. You should also be aware of any raised structures or features at the edge of your perimeter, as intruders may use these to get the height boost they need to go over your security fencing. You may need to deploy taller fencing or add fence toppings near raised structures.

2. Population density

Some security measures are more effective in isolated areas than densely populated ones. Therefore, you must factor in the population density around your site or premises. For example, electrified fencing and perimeter alarms are fantastic for isolated sites because the only people who are likely to come into direct contact with your perimeter (other than your site personnel) are prospective intruders. However, in crowded areas, they are much less effective. Passers-by are likely to set off your alarms or shock themselves on your electrified fencing in these areas, creating needless panic. You will need to come up with alternatives in these cases or simply move your alarms and electrified fencing to a secondary inner perimeter.

3. Accessibility

How accessible is your site or premises to outsiders? Next, you need to think about the different ways would-be intruders might try to access your site and install appropriate security measures. For example, if prospective intruders can approach by road, you may wish to think about hostile vehicle mitigation. Unmonitored entry points also provide accessibility for prospective intruders, so if you can’t monitor your entry points twenty-four hours a day, it might be worth installing electronic security gates that can only be operated with a code.

Here at Zaun, we pride ourselves on supplying top-notch security fencing and other security measures. However, to deploy them correctly, you need to understand why your site or premises are unique. Considering the areas that we’ve listed above will help you do this. Contact us today for more advice on our products and help to choose the right security for your site.