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Importance of effective perimeter security for any business

Importance of effective perimeter security for any business

20th September 2018

Maintaining the perimeter security of your business organisation is critical for several reasons, yet this is so often left to chance by businesses of all sizes. It’s recognised that perimeter security will become more of an important feature in the coming years, though, and not just for organisations that are critical to national infrastructure.

Reasons for maintaining a secure business perimeter

The perimeter fence of your business is your first line of defence against intrusion attempts. Of course, you may well place a lot of focus on entry security and CCTV protection for valuable goods in your business. But creating an effective perimeter helps build defensive layers for your business and ensures security personnel can be far more proficient when apprehending intruders.

Types of perimeter defence

There are lots of ways to build a secure perimeter for your business. It’s not just a case of relying on simple chain link fencing any longer.

A good perimeter security system will consist of fencing or walling, backed up by CCTV, perimeter intrusion detection systems and security lighting. The reliability of the systems currently on the market is much greater than it was in the past. So, problems with wild animals or birds setting off security alerts are no longer an issue. Adding fence or wall toppings such as barbed wire or coiled wire can also deter opportunistic intruders.

Added protection

Adding CCTV detection systems to perimeter defences can be one of the most beneficial security options for business organisations. It’s easily possible for security personnel or on-site employees within control rooms to monitor these systems. Plus, they allow instant recognition of the sorts of threats faced by your business. For example, many modern perimeter attacks involve the use of vehicles to breach your defence. Adding CCTV to the perimeter defence of your business means you can quickly identify this type of situation and react accordingly.

There are various threats experienced by contemporary business organisations, ranging from terrorist activities to criminal intrusions aimed at burgling your premises.

Fitting a contemporary security system featuring CCTV is one way your business can combat intrusion attempts at the perimeter and throughout your entire site. Get in touch with Zaun today to find out more.