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Maintaining business security begins with perimeter fencing

Maintaining business security begins with perimeter fencing

05th February 2019

Maintaining the security of any business always starts at the perimeter fence, and recent police comments highlight just how important this can be for companies storing valuable property on-site.

A case study into Rockingham Motorway Speedway Track conversion plans

The former Rockingham Motor Speedway track in Northamptonshire is currently being converted into a car storage facility. But, local police have advised it is likely to become a “crime hotspot” if perimeter security is not ramped up.

Rockingham track cost £45mn to build and played host to around 52,000 speedway fans in its heyday. It has stood empty since November 2018, and an automotive business is planned for the site. The change of use plan is currently under consideration by the Corby Council. Still, local police have commented that the fencing around the site is inadequate and likely to lead to cars being stolen regularly.

Rockingham Automotive took ownership of the track in August 2018 plans to change its use to automotive logistics. These plans are in line with the objectives of the existing site tenants, City Auction Group, which started last year that it would invest £1mn in upgrades to turn the site into the biggest regional automotive and logistics provider. City Auction Group handle ex-fleet and lease vehicles which are re-marketed and sold.

Comments from Northamptonshire Police include: “We have serious concerns that the applications may not [comply] with the principles of crime prevention. The north of Northamptonshire has over the years been the location for numerous vehicle storage and association businesses, most of which have suffered at times from costly crimes to the businesses involved and Northamptonshire Police.”

At present, the perimeter of the site is protected by palisade fencing. However, DKP Planning Ltd has agreed to partner with the police in upgrading security at the former race track. A spokesperson said: “There is broad support for our plans due to the permanent job opportunities that will be created. Specifically, regarding security, the whole site is fenced with high-grade palisade fencing. It is intended to improve security arrangements as part of the plans at the two main entrances which will deal with concerns raised by the police.”

The East Northamptonshire Council has recommended these plans are approved in early January. However, perimeter security concerns are noted and will be actioned.

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