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How to select appropriate fencing for industrial sites

How to select appropriate fencing for industrial sites

07th January 2016

If you manage an industrial estate, then you’ll be well aware of the importance of protecting your site and its valuable buildings, raw materials and specialised machinery from opportunistic intruders. Fortunately, at Zaun, we have 20 years of experience in equipping sites with state-of-the-art security fencing and monitoring technologies. So, if you’ve been considering updating your industrial estate’s existing security measures, listed below are our exclusive insights on how to select appropriate security fencing for your establishment.

Investigate specialised fencing types

When faced with the prospect of purchasing security fencing to surround a large industrial estate, many companies opt for the cheapest products on the market to reduce their business expenditure. Unfortunately, although these fencing types are cost-effective in the short term, in the long run, the expense of replacing broken panels and compensating for the loss of stolen items due to intruders cutting through these inferior quality fencing products can be far more expensive. As such, you should consider investing in fencing types that have been specifically designed to prevent intrusions, such as twin wire mesh or prison mesh fencing configurations. Unfortunately, these fencing types are complicated to climb and are impossible to cut through without using power tools.

Consider interior security measures.

As well as installing high-security perimeter fencing, it’s also worthwhile investing in efficient interior security measures, such as mesh cages, which will protect your site’s most valuable raw materials and machinery. By fitting mesh cages with sturdy roofs, doors and comprehensive locks, you can ensure that your company’s most valuable possessions will remain safe and secure, even if intruders do gain access to your property.

Invest in products that will actively deter intruders

One of the best ways to reduce theft on your industrial estate is to deter intruders from even attempting to break into your site. Over the years, we’ve found that purchasing fencing panels of 5 metres or higher and fitting fence toppers to all of your perimeter fencings serve as extremely efficient visible deterrents. Shark tooth and barbed wire toppings are popular choices, but there are also high-security fence toppings that you can purchase which will block intruders without running the risk of causing harm; such as our rotating anti-climb guard system or our Mesh Anti Climb Topping (MACT) units, which will prevent unauthorised trespassers from gaining access to rooftops, fence lines or other areas around your site.

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