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Utility fence toppings present razor wire only when climbed

Utility fence toppings present razor wire only when climbed

12th December 2016

The UK’s premier prison security company has adapted its anti-climb fence toppings specifically for the utility fence sector.

Binns Fencing has created a new configuration of its Flexible Security Topping (FST) system to mount on utility compound perimeter fencing with razor wire without posing any risk to the public.  The system has already been supplied to two gas sites in northern England.

The innovative solution uses a cranked bracket to lift a coil of razor wire in front of anyone who tries to climb the fence as an additional deterrent and obstacle to the topping’s existing anti-climb credentials.

At the heart of FST, which is fully tested for use in UK high-security prisons, is a steel mesh arch, curved back over the top of a steel fence, fixed to a flexible steel bracket that is designed to move when people try to climb it while withstanding their weight.

Binns MD Adam Binns said: “The two gas installations have been extremely well received by our customer and we expect to be selling more FST Utility both to them and other companies in the gas, electricity, water and oil sector.

They love the added deterrent and security while avoiding posing any risk at all to the passing public on footpaths that skirt their many compounds and sites.

FST is mounted on top of intruder-resistant fencing and can be installed in conjunction with CCTV, electric fencing, PIDs and infra-red alarms – all of which are available as integrated solutions from fellow Zaun Group companies.