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3 locations where security fencing is essential

3 locations where security fencing is essential

16th November 2021

Security fencing has been a valuable way for businesses to protect their site for many years now. Quick to install and effective, it is no surprise to see that it has stood the test of time. The fact that it is a security solution that any organisation can use to feel safer also helps. Of course, there are some sites where security fencing is not an optional extra but a real essential.

But what are 3 of the top locations where this kind of fencing is a requirement?


One location where top-class security fencing is a must is zoos. Without this type of fencing installed to protect visitors from wild animals, they would be a perilous place to be! Security fencing for zoos, though, is not just about keeping visitors safe from danger. It can also help keep animals safe from harm and people breaking in when the zoo is closed to steal them. Welded mesh fencing is an option many zoos go for because it is robust, good value, can stand outside in all weathers and looks smart.

Data centres

The world is relying more and more on technology to operate now. Online tech is essential and sees us shopping online, using social media platforms and checking which services a business offers via their website. This online way of life is built upon a network of secure servers in data centres around the UK that handle masses of sensitive personal data each day. Therefore, it is key to protect the data centres these servers are housed in – not only from cybercrime but also from physical theft. The best way to do this is with high-end perimeter fencing. Tough to scale and hard to breach, it is a significant obstacle for would-be intruders.

Schools and colleges

Perimeter fencing is understandably crucial for colleges and schools. This is because both locations have large numbers of children inside who need the best protection. Security fencing for these locations also helps to keep staff and visitors safe. In addition, it stops people from getting onto school or college grounds overnight to cause damage. When combined with other security innovations, such as CCTV, it provides a very effective safety measure for these locations to use.

Top-class security fencing from Zaun

The above are just a few places where effective security fencing is a must. You could also include many others – from playgrounds to airports, waterworks, sports pitches, and beyond. If you need the best mesh security fencing for your site, get in touch with us today at Zaun.