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Don’t wait to setup security fencing

Don’t wait to setup security fencing

04th October 2016

Security fencing and additional security measures can help you protect almost any type of site or building. Whether you need to defend business premises or private property, investing in high-quality security fencing is essential. But should you wait until you are ready to start using the building or site to install security fencing? Here at Zaun, we believe that the answer is often ‘no’. There are many situations in which it is advisable to install perimeter fencing and other security measures long before you start using a building or site. In today’s blog, we’ll look at several key examples.

1. Buying a private residence in insecure areas

If you have recently acquired a private property that happens to be in an area with a high crime rate, we recommend that you protect that property with security fencing as soon as possible. Whether you intend to move into the property yourself or rent it out, it is important to ensure it is safe before moving any furnishings or valuable items into it. What’s more, setting up security fencing as soon as possible after acquiring the property will also protect it from vandalism while it is empty.

2. Starting a new businesses

If you intend to use a site or building as a premise for your new business, it is a good idea to set up security measures before you start getting the site ready for your business. Setting up new corporate premises can be complex and demanding because you have to install the systems and office equipment necessary to run your business while simultaneously bringing in stock and ensuring the premises are presentable enough to receive customers. Once you begin the process, you may not have time to think about installing perimeter fencing and security measures, so we suggest you do so before beginning. Installing security measures before you start getting premises ready for your business will also ensure that your office equipment and products are protected from theft from the moment you start moving them in.

3. Constructing your own building

If you have acquired an empty site to build a new property or business premises, you should install security fencing before you begin construction. Construction sites are dangerous places, and it is important to prevent passers-by from wandering onto yours if something happens to them and you are held responsible.

Please don’t wait until the last minute to install security fencing: protect yourself, your property and your business by installing it at the first opportunity.