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The importance of security fencing on construction sites

The importance of security fencing on construction sites

06th September 2016

We’re pleased to say that many of the security fencing solutions we sell here at Zaun can be used on construction sites. Our temporary fencing solutions are particularly useful for protecting these sites, although you may wish to opt for something more permanent if you are in charge of the security for a large, long-term construction project. Our supplementary security solutions (including CCTV and hostile vehicle mitigation) can also be deployed on construction sites in a cost-effective and space-efficient way that won’t obstruct the work crew or delay the project.

But why is construction site security so important? That’s a valid question; after all, who wants to break into a building or site that hasn’t even been finished yet? There are actually several reasons that securing your construction site with perimeter fencing is often vital.

1. Accidental intrusion

Protecting the public is one of the most important functions that construction site fencing fulfils. Most people wouldn’t knowingly trespass onto a dangerous construction site, but they might wander onto one accidentally, especially if they’re in a hurry to get somewhere else. If your construction site is in a heavily-populated area, it’s vital that you fence it off to prevent people walking across it en-route to their destinations. Remember that people don’t always look at a construction site that hasn’t been fenced-off and see all the hazards it poses. Often, they look it at and simply see a shortcut.

2. Construction equipment theft

The building or site under construction isn’t likely to become a target for thieves and vandals until it’s finished. However, the on-site construction equipment may be targeted instead. Construction equipment and materials are precious and can be very tempting for criminals who have the means to transport them off your site. Don’t let this happen – protect your site with security fencing.

3. Legal cover

If your security site isn’t fenced off, someone may enter it and injure themselves. Regardless of their reasons for entering the site, you could be held legally responsible for their injuries because you failed to take the necessary steps to keep people off the site. Setting up security fencing eliminates this risk. Even if someone makes it past the fencing (highly unlikely) and is injured on your site, you will have still taken reasonable steps to prevent this outcome. Consequently, you won’t be held legally responsible.

If you’re in charge of a construction site, don’t hesitate: invest in security fencing today and contact Zaun.