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Handling Security for UK Major Events

Handling Security for UK Major Events

08th August 2017

With numerous sporting, musical and cultural events taking place throughout the UK, there are many opportunities for people to congregate. Large stadiums, for example, routinely host 80,000-90,000 people, whilst music venues cater for hundreds or even thousands of fans every night.

In such a volatile world, safety is never guaranteed, and venues must take it upon themselves to install effective security measures. Whilst most events are ticketed, there is always the possibility of people gaining access to a venue without a ticket or authorisation.

This can be particularly problematic at open-air events, such as festivals. With hundreds of thousands of people attending large festivals, it’s not surprising that many people try and gain admittance when they aren’t authorised to do so. Whilst some may have unscrupulous intentions, others may have been unable to purchase a ticket and are willing to risk seeing the show without a valid entry permit.

Using high fencing for perimeter security

Installing effective perimeter security isn’t simply finding the tallest fencing you can. Instead, it’s important to find fencing solutions which meet the needs of your site. In addition, a preliminary security assessment can often help identify potentially vulnerable areas, which can enable you to choose effective fencing.

In some cases, electric fencing may be appropriate, and certain sites will benefit from this type of security. However, when members of the public are present, this may be deemed too dangerous to have in operation. As a result, fence toppings may be used to discourage would-be intruders from accessing the site.

Incorporating venue design into your security measures

Although security measures can effectively prevent people from gaining unauthorised entry into venues, they also act as a deterrent. As perimeter fencing is visible, it actively discourages people from attempting to gain access.

However, this doesn’t mean that your security measures must be unsightly. Often, venues are designed by experienced architects, and your perimeter fencing needn’t detract from the artistic vision of the site.

In fact, bespoke fencing and custom designs can be used to add to the visual presentation of the venue and can provide a branding opportunity for your company.

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