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Electric fence first for UAE military base

Electric fence first for UAE military base

12th November 2015

High-security fencing manufacturer Zaun has installed a first of its kind UAE electric fence in the United Arab Emirates.

The Crown Prince wanted an electric fence to protect a military base in Abu Dhabi.

Electric fencing can provide security and protection of perimeters around key strategic and infrastructure sites. However, installing an electric fence combined with a secure fencing system creates a mighty psychological and physical barrier to overcome.

UAE electric fence offer high impact resistance and an effective deterrent to trespassers and intruders.

Zaun electric fencing has been designed to give trespassers a shock, providing a remarkably high boundary and perimeter security level at a reasonable price.

Zaun first set up an office in the UAE in the Emirates Tower in Dubai in 2012 and has now established a company in the Free Trade Zone. Zaun is a designer and manufacturers of a wide range of perimeter security fencing systems from playground railings to prison and military base fencing. With a wide selection of approvals, including from Royal Oman Police (ROP), Kuwait Oil Company (KOC), CPNI, LPS1175 SR1 through to SR4, PAS 68 crash rated fencing and Secured By Design Approved. All fences are manufactured to British Standards, including BS 1722 Part 14 and ROSPA guidance