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Busting the myths of electric fencing

Busting the myths of electric fencing

06th June 2019

Electric fences are beneficial on sites where security is vital, such as dangerous construction sites, military bases and warehouses containing valuable goods. Prospective intruders can’t even touch them without receiving an electric shock, making them even harder to breach than other types of security fencing. Furthermore, they make fantastic deterrents because of the pain they can inflict. However, there are many misconceptions associated with these fences, which may make you reluctant to install them at your site or premises. In today’s blog, we’ll tackle the most common misconceptions head-on and explain why you shouldn’t be concerned about them.

1. “Electric fences are deadly.”

You may be hesitant to utilise electric fencing because of its deadly reputation. You want to deter intruders, not kill them, after all! In reality, there is no need for concern. In fact, electric fences cause fewer injuries and deaths than many household objects, including kitchen utensils, household power sockets and (amusingly) trampolines. Worldwide, electric fences only cause about one serious injury every year. Electric fencing-related deaths are even rarer. This is because electric fences are run at high voltages but low amplitudes. The high number of vaults can be felt like a nasty shock, but the low number of amps prevents the shock from becoming prolonged and deadly.

2. “Electric fences are expensive to run.”

Many people believe that electric fences are costly to run because they’re such sophisticated pieces of technology. However, because they run at such low amplitudes, electric fences are actually very affordable. Of course, the cost will vary depending on the fence you choose and which electricity company you’re with. However, in most cases, the amount it costs to run an electric fence for a month can be measured in pennies rather than pounds.

3. “Electric fences aren’t effective during power cuts.”

Contrary to popular belief, there’s no reason to worry about power cuts when operating an electric fence. There are a wide variety of backup power options available that should be able to run electric fences. Even if your budget doesn’t cover backup power systems, electric fences can still keep intruders out during a power cut. After all, they are sturdy fences even when they don’t have a current running through them.

If you’re currently deciding whether to invest in electric fencing, remember that they’re cheaper, safer and more effective than you think. Here at Zaun, we offer a wide variety of perimeter fencing solutions, including several electrified options, so check out our product pages today.