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5 common myths and misconceptions surrounding security fencing

5 common myths and misconceptions surrounding security fencing

05th March 2020

Buying and installing high-security fences and gates ensures that your business is safe from unwanted visitors 24/7. However, a few common misconceptions may scare people off from buying and using security fences.

Here’s are five common myths that you need to be aware of surrounding security fencing.

1. Fences harm your curb appeal

As a business owner, you may think that installing a security fence makes the rest of your property look unappealing or block your business from view.
In contrast, most onlookers and potential clients see fenced businesses as established prospect businesses that take security seriously.
Clients are more likely to interact with you if they know that you value and protect your business.

2. Only certain types of businesses need security fences

Some business owners believe that only big institutions and companies need security and perimeter fencing. However, almost all companies can benefit from an added layer of security.
In addition, security fences come in many different shapes, sizes, and designs that you can choose from.
Besides securing your property, security fencing also complements your property and makes it look more appealing.

3. Security fencing maintenance is a huge burden

In contrast, very little maintenance is required for security fences. Apart from deliberate damage, most security fences require almost no regular maintenance.
Most security fences are also weather-proof and can easily last for several years with minimal maintenance.

4. Fencing is expensive

Generally, the cost of security fencing depends on the type of material that it’s made from. However, some of the best security fences are of good value and deliver reliable protection from intruders and yet, are quite affordable.

5. Fences won’t stop burglars

All security fences are designed in such a way that they are tough to cut through. Most are also really high and extremely difficult to climb, even for the best would-be burglar.
Some fences also have anti-climb features that make them impossible for burglars to scale.

Bottom line

Don’t let any misinformation about security fencing like those mentioned above discourage you from protecting your property. Instead, install a high-security fence today and make your property more secure from trespassers.

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