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Fence Toppings Enhance Security

Fence Toppings Enhance Security

26th October 2017

To create a truly secure environment, it’s important to use a range of materials. A perimeter fence, for example, can be extremely successful in keeping unwanted visitors out of certain areas. Similarly, mesh fencing is an ideal security solution for many environments and is easy to install and maintain.

In some cases, however, it’s necessary to install added security measures. As well as using perimeter fencing, organisations can benefit from using varied integrated security solutions. With CCTV, intrusion detection kits and electric fencing, just some of the options available, any location or environment can be fully secured.

When considering the security of a site, however, you’ll also need to consider the safety of workers, guests, and public members. Therefore, whilst electric fencing may be extremely effective, it may be inappropriate to add this security feature in certain locations.

Providing safe and reliable security measures

Although the security of your site may be your primary concern, it’s always necessary to balance the safety concerns with security issues. For example, whilst electric options may be useful for zoo fencing, it’s not viable for park fencing or school fencing.

Fortunately, fence toppings provide an ideal solution when it comes to balancing security needs with safety concerns. Placed at least 2m off the ground, these fence toppings don’t present any safety risks unless someone is actively trying to bypass them.

Due to this, workers, guests, and public members aren’t at risk of being hurt, but your site still benefits from effective security measures. Additionally, with electric fence toppings available, businesses and organisations can even use partial electric fencing in locations where a complete electrical perimeter fence wouldn’t be viable.

In addition to this, anti-climb guard, barbed wire and razor wire toppings can be used to secure almost any type of environment. Whether you’re dealing with industrial site security, port security or even prison security, fence toppings provide an ideal way to deter people from attempting to gain access to your site.

To find out more about using fence toppings as part of your integrated security system, why not contact us today?