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Choosing the right zoo fencing

Choosing the right zoo fencing

29th August 2017

Selecting the right security measures for public attractions is always important, but the right security fencing is of paramount importance when it comes to zoos and safari parks. Whilst high-security perimeter fencing may be ideal; zoos will also require on-site fencing to ensure that animal enclosures are secure.

Generally, zoos favour heightened security as this can help protect the animals, workers, and public members. However, whilst enclosures may need to offer pedestrian access so that keepers can access the animals, this must be designed according to a strict protocol.

Using a series of doors within the existing fencing structure and mesh cages ensures that keepers are required to go through a two-step process when entering or exiting an enclosure. Even if human error results in one gate being left unlocked, the additional security measure should prevent a potential escape.

Reinforced fencing

To be fully effective, zoo fencing must be able to withstand a large amount of pressure. Understandably, animals may attempt to break the fencing or damage it somehow, particularly if members of the public are watching the animals from the other side.

Due to this, specialist materials may need to be used when creating appropriate fencing and security solutions. For example, using reinforced materials or electric fencing can help to strengthen perimeter security; using more than one perimeter fence at each enclosure can also be advantageous.

Bespoke fencing and custom zoo designs

When designing zoo fencing, there are many things to consider. Whilst the strength and effectiveness of the fencing is obviously of paramount importance, the design of such security measures is also vital.

Like humans, animals are in tune and affected by their surroundings. Metres of electric fencing and plain mesh fencing could, therefore, impact the psychological health of the animals we’re trying to protect.

Using bespoke and custom designs ensures that enclosures are kept safe and secure, but it also provides the animals with a means of stimulus. Using colour and adding specific materials, for example, may encourage the animals to interact and could promote a healthier living environment.

Whilst any public attraction requires effective security solutions, zoos and safari parks pose a unique threat to perimeter fencing and security. By working with you to identify zookeepers and the animals’ needs, we can provide safe, reliable fencing and security options.

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