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Compact security solutions for small premises

Compact security solutions for small premises

08th December 2016

If you need to protect a small site or premises where space is premium, you will need to choose a compact security solution. But how can you ensure that your premises are adequately protected without giving up too much valuable space to bulky security apparatus? In this blog entry, we’ll take you through some of the products you can use to bulk up your security without wasting space.

1. CCTV and security alarms

The most obvious way to protect small premises from intruders is to equip them with CCTV and alarms. These can be affixed to pre-existing architectural features, so you don’t need to add any equipment that might waste space. In addition, if you make sure that parts of your alarm system and your CCTV cameras are obvious, they can often deter intruders, in addition to alerting you to their presence.

2. Wire mesh cladding

If you don’t have enough space to set up perimeter fencing around your premises, you may wish to consider cladding it with protective wire mesh panels instead. These panels can be custom-made to match the architectural requirements of your premises, meaning that they don’t take up any more space than is strictly necessary. They are akin to a second skin for the most vulnerable parts of your premises. They can offer just as much protection as many types of perimeter fencing but only take up a fraction of the space.

3. Mesh storage cages

You may think you can’t opt for wire mesh cladding because you need to protect equipment or machinery that can only be stored outside your premises. In reality, this isn’t a problem: you can store this equipment in mesh storage cages while protecting your premises with cladding. This will enable you to create a near-impregnable barrier around your equipment without opting for a full security fencing solution.

4. Electrified fencing

If you have room for a proper perimeter but can’t afford to make it too bulky or space-intensive, you may wish to consider electrified fencing. While it isn’t appropriate for all situations (for example, those where it might hurt innocent passers-by), It is a very effective deterrent, especially considering how little space it uses.

Here at Zaun, we can provide security solutions for any premises or site, regardless of size. So get in touch with us today if you’d like to know more.