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Is There A Security Fencing Requirement for your premises?

Is There A Security Fencing Requirement for your premises?

16th September 2021

You may consider security fencing a requirement only used by large enterprise sites and major events like the Olympic Games. Still, this solution can be necessary for a wide range of premises. For example, if you have concerns about security at your business or any other kind of property that you own, high-quality security fencing might be the correct option for your needs. To help you decide if a security fence is necessary, here are three points that may shape your selection.

Value of your premises

If your premises are of high value, for example, if they involve a grade listed building or a brand-new high-tech installation, security fencing is a must. Additionally, if the assets you keep on-site are also valuable, it is even more vital.

Your location

Where you’re based can have an important bearing on whether a security fence is needed. Some parts of cities and towns are more prone to criminal activity than others. If the crime rates in your area are high, putting security fencing in place may be wise.

Security fencing can also be a smart move if your property is off the beaten track in a remote location. Whether your premises are staffed overnight or left unattended, putting an impassable fence around the site will ensure no unwanted visitors can ever access your private property.

History of criminal behaviour

If your premises have a record of repeated raids from burglaries or malicious acts of vandalism, it can encourage further attacks and unpleasant activity. Erecting a security fence can send a strong message to potential intruders and vandals and often act as a deterrent. Hoodlums and criminals alike are far more likely to pick a weaker target that will involve less work than taking on your new security fencing. It’s worth noting that the more times you have been a victim of such incidents, the more urgently you should fit your fencing.

You can browse our range of security fences via the Zaun website but feel free to contact our expert team to select the best solution to suit your site requirements.