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How to make sure criminals can’t climb or bury under security fencing

How to make sure criminals can’t climb or bury under security fencing

25th May 2017

Tough, well-designed security fencing is tough to break through. It can even resist being rammed by cars or trucks if it is coupled with a hostile vehicle mitigation system. However, even if your security fencing is impossible to break through, intruders may still be able to breach your perimeter. Here at Zaun, we understand how inventive and determined some prospective intruders can be. If they can’t go through your security fencing, they may attempt to go over it or under it. Luckily, we also know how to prevent this. In today’s blog, we’ll discuss how you can prevent criminals from accessing your site by scaling your security fencing or finding a way under it.

1. Combating criminals who try to climb your fencing

If you want to stop miscreants climbing over your fencing, the first thing you need to do is install a fence topping. Fence toppings can change the overall shape of your fencing (e.g., by creating overhangs) to make it harder to climb. Alternatively, spiked toppings and barbed-wire topping can render your fencing too painful to climb. Fence toppings will deter most criminals… but not all of them. Particularly determined miscreants may try to overcome fence toppings using ladders or other pieces of simple climbing equipment. Luckily, it’s possible to outfox these more inventive criminals by installing an alarm system that will go off as soon as they get past your fencing. You can also deter them by placing CCTV cameras in prominent positions to know their actions won’t go unobserved. Alternatively, you can choose to electrify your fencing. Even if a criminal uses equipment to help them climb your security fencing, they’re likely to come into contact with the fence itself at some point. By electrifying your fencing, you can make scaling it almost completely impossible.

2. Preventing digging under your fence

If your perimeter fencing is on soft ground (such as earth or sand) instead of concrete, some criminals may attempt to dig under your fencing. Choosing a buried fencing option with at least a 300mm deep foundation can help prevent this, as most miscreants don’t have access to the equipment needed to break through concrete fencing foundations. You can also deploy CCTV and alarm systems at ground level to deter prospective diggers.

Here at Zaun, we can provide you with all the security measures you need to prevent criminals from going through, under or over your security fencing. So check out our range of security products today.