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Do you need new fence toppings?

Do you need new fence toppings?

19th June 2018

Fence toppings may not be the foundation of most security systems, but they are often essential, nonetheless. They increase the height of security fencing and make it more difficult to climb, thereby deterring or stopping many would-be intruders. However, not all fence toppings are the same. As we’ve mentioned in previous blog entries, some toppings are understated and stylish: they simply create an overhang that makes a fence harder to scale. Others are more imposing and incorporate spikes or barbs that can actually harm intruders. If you’ve been using one type of fence topping for several years, you should take time to decide if it’s still the right fence topping for you. If not, you should make replacing your fence toppings a priority. There are three factors you should take into consideration when deciding whether it’s time to replace or change your fence toppings.

1. Your brand

It’s important that your business’s site or premises reflects your brand. If you are currently using very imposing fence toppings but you are trying to build an approachable, friendly brand, for example, it may be time to change them. Conversely, if you are cultivating a brand identity that evokes seriousness and efficiency, you may wish to choose more forbidding and stern-looking fence toppings.

2. Your security requirements

It’s worth asking yourself if your current fence toppings are a good fit for your changing security needs. If your business has been targeted by criminals several times and you have fairly mild, understated-looking fence toppings, you may wish to invest in harsher fence-toppings that can act as more effective deterrents and actually harm intruders who try to get past them. In contrast, if your business has never been the target of criminal activity but you’re using spiked or barbed fence toppings, you may not need them. They could be replaced with toppings that reflect your brand more effectively.

3. Wear-and-tear

Fence toppings are like any other security measure. They wear out over time. No matter how well-made and well-maintained your fence-toppings are, they will probably need to be replaced eventually. If your fence toppings are in a state of disrepair, you should replace them immediately. Why not take the opportunity to swap them out in favour of fence toppings that offer better security or fit your brand better?

Here at Zaun, we offer a wide variety of fence toppings to compliment our perimeter fencing solutions. If you do decide you need new fence toppings, start browsing our products today.