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When is it time to replace your football fencing?

When is it time to replace your football fencing?

20th October 2020

It is now the time of year when football is back in full swing. This is not only down to the start of the world’s top pro leagues (such as the English Premier League) but also because schools and colleges are open for the new academic year. In addition, of course, there are also community football pitches that will see even more use now football is back in action.

A key part of any football pitch is top-class sports fencing. Many pitches will already have sports fencing installed that has been in place for a few years. It is crucial to keep an eye on it, though and replace it when required. This will mean it is always in top shape to do its job. But when is it time to replace your football fencing?

Noise complaints

Any pitch that is close to houses in the community can sometimes have issues with noise pollution. This is especially true when football pitches have old-fashioned rebound boards around them. These wooden boards can make a lot of noise when the ball hits them, and can see people who live close to the pitch complain. If this is something you are finding more and more with your pitch, it could be time to install super rebound fencing instead. This sort of sports fencing makes much less noise when balls hit it due to the rebound properties of the mesh and the special rubber inserts within the panel to post fixing method and should see complaints about noise drop significantly.

Broken or missing sections

Suppose you find that your football pitch fencing has broken or missing sections, then it is certainly time to act. Missing sections are poor in terms of ball retention but also disastrous for security. It leaves the pitch open to intruders at night and does not protect those using the pitch properly from outside threats. Broken sections are dangerous to players and spectators who could catch themselves on them.

Looking shabby

Sometimes you might find that your football pitch fencing looks tired and worn out. If you think this, then people who might hire it will likely think the same, or spectators will not want to come along to watch public games there. On the other hand, if you find that your fencing has seen better days, it is a good idea to replace it and keep your pitches looking their best.

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