MUGA Noise Reduction Using EPDM Inserts

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Here at Zaun, we want our customers and end-users to have the best possible experience when using our products. With every sports fencing system we manufacture, we always include EPDM inserts for MUGA noise reduction as part of our system, which sets us apart from our competitors.

Why do Zaun use EPDM inserts?

MUGA Noise Reduction Fencing

Our research found that when sports fencing had been installed, after a while of consistent and repetitive hitting of a ball against a fence, the fence bolts would gradually become looser, creating rattle and considerable noise when being struck by a ball. This could be very noisy for neighbours nearby.

Zaun’s solution to MUGA Noise Reduction is simple, use small EPDM inserts in between the clamp bar and post, which eliminates the rattle noise when a ball is struck.

What were the results of testing?

Zaun performed noise analysis tests on our standard Duo Sports fencing system, with fixings at every 200mm. The test was completed by propelling a football at a fence, from a distance of 2 metres on four separate occasions.

These tests were undertaken in natural sound with a basic reading of 40-50db of sound, using a mini sound level meter. These readings we were taken by placing the noise device at a distance of 300mm from the fence panel, positioned in line with the post.

Test Without EPDM Inserts With EPDM Inserts
no. 1 93.7dB 72.7dB
no. 2 89.3dB 62.5dB
no. 3 94.6dB 65.4dB
no. 4 95.8dB 65.0dB
Average 93.35dB 66.4dB

As you can see from the results table above, this is circa a 29% improvement – however, the dB scale is not linear, so 66dB is roughly equivalent to talking 1m away or a car travelling on a street. The 93dB is roughly equivalent to a heavy truck passing.

Decibel Range Chart


MUGA Noise Reduction can easily be achieved with the use of EPDM inserts behind the clamp bar. All Zaun Sports Fencing Systems are now supplied with EPDM inserts included as standard.