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What are fence toppings and why are they vital?

What are fence toppings and why are they vital?

24th September 2020

Pretty much all businesses, institutions and organisations now recognise the value of security fencing. Fencing like this can help keep those who are allowed on your premises safe, keep out intruders, and protect your grounds when no one is around. One essential element that does not get quite as much attention, though, is fence toppings. But what are they, and why should you use them?

Fence toppings explained

When it comes to effective perimeter fencing, toppings play a central role. In simple terms, they sit on top of your security fencing to make it even tougher to climb over. Toppings come in various styles, from standard barbed wire to cranked, electric and flat razor wire. Taking the time to research each type of fence topping and choose the best one for your needs is definitely worthwhile. This extra security feature will normally be fitted at the height of at least 2m or more. This means that innocent public members do not get caught on it by mistake while still ensuring it stops genuine intruders.

Why use fence toppings?

There are several reasons why using this type of feature on your fencing makes sense. Firstly, they give an extra visual deterrent to criminals who might be thinking of breaking into your premises. They will not fancy the effort and potential injury that getting past it could entail. This also leads nicely onto the next advantage they deliver. Even if people try to access your grounds still, toppings give that extra layer of security, making it much harder. This will physically stop people from getting past it, even if its sight does not put them off.

Vital fence toppings can also help staff and clients feel more confident when on-site. They not only give an enhanced feeling of safety but also help your company look more professional too. This can help you attract the best talent and more business over time.

Top-quality toppings with Zaun

If the above has convinced you to have toppings installed on your fencing, why not give Zaun a call today on 01902 796699? We have many years of experience in fitting them across a wide range of industries in the public and private sectors. Call today for more details.