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Do you really need fence toppings?

Do you really need fence toppings?

28th November 2017

We’ve talked about the benefits of fence toppings in numerous previous entries here on the Zaun blog. They are excellent deterrents against would-be intruders because they can make your perimeter appear particularly well-fortified. What’s more, they are equally efficient at thwarting attempts to scale your security fencing. But does your business’s site or premises really need toppings for fencing? The answer to this question depends on several key factors, which we’ll discuss in detail in the blog entry.

1. Viability and efficacy of other deterrents

Although fence toppings can reduce intrusion attempts by acting as deterrents, they aren’t always necessary for premises and sites where other deterrents are already in place. For example, if you find that having visible CCTV cameras or a voluble alarm system puts off intruders effectively, you may not require fence toppings. However, determined intruders won’t always be dissuaded by such deterrents. For example, if your business has a high public profile or you store items of high value on your site or premises, you may attract more relentless criminals, meaning that your current deterrents may not be effective in the long run. In this case, they can be used to send a clear message. You should also opt for fence toppings if it isn’t viable to utilise other deterrents.

2. Intrusion history

Has anyone breached your security and illegally entered your site or premises before? If so, fence toppings can provide a serious obstacle to future intruders. They are particularly efficacious if intruders have previously gained access to your property by climbing over your security fencing. Think about your intrusion history to decide if you need more obstacles to stop intruders.

3. Height and climbing difficulty of security fencing

Some security fencing is tough to climb, even without fence toppings. If your security fencing is very tall and very hard to scale, fence toppings may not be necessary. However, security fences of average height can definitely benefit.

4. Value of the items on your site or premises

Remember, if you store many high-value items on your premises, it’s worth investing in every security feature possible. After all, any security feature might be the one that stops an intruder.

Consider these four factors to help you decide if you need fence toppings. Then, if you choose to invest in these excellent security measures, you can contact zaun for more information at any time convenient for you.