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Stopping Intrusion Attempts – The three types of intrusion

Stopping Intrusion Attempts – The three types of intrusion

13th April 2017

Here at Zaun, we understand that your security fencing needs to stand up to different attack methods. As we’ve mentioned before, several kinds of intruders may wish to gain access to your site. What’s more, each type of intruder will have a different modus operandi and use different tools in their attempt to breach your perimeter. For example, a vandal or petty criminal might exploit an opportunity or obvious security weakness to access your site because their resources are limited. In contrast, a career criminal may attempt to gain access to your site using tools or equipment that they have acquired for that purpose. Today, we’ll talk about the tools and techniques that different categories of intruders may use to breach your perimeter fencing. More importantly, we’ll tell you how to defend against them.

1. Opportunism

Petty miscreants are unlikely to carry any tools to help them illegally access sites. They’re opportunists, not planners. However, they may attempt to climb over your security fencing or pick the lock on your gate if they get the chance. Luckily, defending your site or premises from these individuals is very easy. Installing fence toppings or increasing the height of your security fencing can stop them from climbing into your site, and installing electronic locks on your gates will eliminate any possibility of lock-picking.

2. Planning and simple tools

More experienced criminals and individuals who have a specific grudge against you or your organisation may attempt to access your premises using simple tools. For example, they may attempt to use wire cutters to cut through your fencing or a crowbar to force open a locked gate. To deal with these threats, we suggest installing a perimeter alarm system that will be set off by any attempt to create an opening in your perimeter. You may also wish to consider electrified fencing, as it can stop prospective intruders from interacting with your perimeter altogether.

3. Highly organised attempts

Criminal organisations and agents of corporate espionage have access to resources that normal intruders don’t. They may attempt to access your site by smashing through your perimeter in a vehicle or using specialist equipment to disable electronic security measures. The good news is that only large, powerful businesses and organisations are likely to be targeted by these people. However, if you need to defend yourself from them, we suggest installing a hostile vehicle mitigation system and equipping your electronic security measures with an emergency power supply so they can’t be disabled remotely. It would help if you also opted for a highly secure fencing option (such as HiSec or a custom solution).

It’s important to choose a security fencing and perimeter solution that can defend from any attempt at the intrusion, regardless of how well organised it is. Here at Zaun, we can help. Contact us today for more information.