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Perimeter fencing solutions vs architecturally-integrated solution

Perimeter fencing solutions vs architecturally-integrated solution

09th July 2016

If you need to protect a building or structure from intruders permanently, you have two key options. First, you can choose to use security fencing to set up a perimeter around the building. This perimeter is separate from the building itself and effectively provides your entire premises with a defensive outer shell. Alternatively, you can integrate wire mesh fencing or cladding seamlessly into your building’s architecture. But which option is right for you? Should you set up a secure perimeter or simply integrate your security directly into your building? Each solution has its own advantages and drawbacks, so it’s important to choose carefully.

The main advantage of setting up a distinct, separate perimeter around your building is that it is incredibly versatile. Once you have established your perimeter, you can add security measures and adjust the ones you already have at will. For example, you may decide to add fence toppers to prevent determined intruders from climbing over, or you may choose to add hostile vehicle mitigation technology to prevent vehicular intrusion. The flexibility of perimeter-based security fencing solutions makes them ideal if you need to protect a high-profile building or area and are unsure of the level of threat you are likely to face.

However, perimeter-based solutions aren’t very space-efficient, as you need to position your security fencing around your building at a slight distance. What’s more, they can sometimes appear slightly foreboding (though this depends on the type of fencing you choose to use). Consequently, they are not ideal if you don’t have much space to work with or if you need to protect a public building.

In contrast, integrating wire mesh fencing or cladding into your building’s architecture is highly space-efficient and stylish. Because the cladding can perfectly blend your building’s existing architectural aesthetic, it won’t make the structure look imposing or uninviting. While architecturally integrated solutions are less versatile than perimeter-based solutions, they are perfect for buildings that need to be accessed by the public and buildings which need to be secure yet welcoming.

Whichever type of solution you choose, you’re certain to find what you need in our range of security fencing options here at Zaun.