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Choosing the right kind of mesh security fencing

Choosing the right kind of mesh security fencing

11th September 2018

Choosing the right type of perimeter fencing for any kind of organisation or event can be difficult, as there are so many available options. Very often, it’s a case of identifying any potential threats or risks, then moving on to select the best kind of fencing to solve any issues.

Any kind of mesh security fencing needs to be robust enough to provide solutions for likely security issues, so it’s important for buyers to carry out research prior to making any kind of purchase decision.

Choosing the right mesh security fencing

Buyers within this sector are recommended to opt for fencing that has been rigorously tested and achieved accreditation at the kind of level you require. Secured by Design accreditation offers minimal security functionality, while enhanced security fencing solutions may be certified to LPS 1175 Issue 7 and offer security rated between levels 1 and 8. These certifications offer buyers confidence that fencing has been tested to withstand a variety of attacks.

SR8 rated fencing provides the highest level of protection and is geared to high-security areas where intruders may attempt to gain entry with a variety of tools, including power tools.

SR1 and SR2 fencing, on the other hand, is designed to resist opportunistic attempts at forcing an entry and these fences provide the minimum levels of resistance required to slow down intruders until security or police arrive at locations.

The entire range of LPS 1175 certified fences are used to secure a variety of different premises, from airports to new building developments. All of the testing and certification of these fences is carried out by the Loss Prevention Board, working closely with government bodies, police, risk insurers, architects and insurance providers. The required standards and testing requirements are continually monitored to ensure approved fencing maintains its performance against terrorist and criminal activities.

Zaun is specialist manufacturers of security fencing and also provide a design and fit service. A wide variety of our durable fencing solutions are certified to LPS 1175 standards. These range from our CorruSec Premier SR4 rated fencing to our SR1 rated gates. Get in touch to find out more about our products and discuss your own security needs in detail.