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How high-quality welded mesh fencing prevents personal injury claims

How high-quality welded mesh fencing prevents personal injury claims

21st January 2020

Personal injury claims brought about by a lack of forethought to Health and Safety Regulations are not uncommon. Enthusiastic ‘no win, no fee solicitors are ready to pounce on the smallest misdemeanour. However, welded mesh fencing can protect your business from costly compensation claims from passers-by who trip over, walk into or injure themselves on damaged perimeter fencing.

Know your legal responsibilities

Cheap metal fences are prone to corrosion, exposing sharp spikes when damaged. In addition, your business has a legal obligation to protect the general public from your activities. This includes keeping your fencing in good repair. You can learn more about health and safety regulations regarding various types of fencing on the HSE website.

Be safe rather than sorry.

Welded mesh fencing may be slightly more expensive but what it can save your business in personal injury claims is unquantifiable. It’s also extremely difficult for vandals and thieves to penetrate without specialist and cumbersome cutting equipment.

Durable, welded mesh steel fence panels specially coated for protection against the elements can last a lifetime with minimal maintenance.

Anti-vandal fencing

Many compensation claims due to damaged fencing are caused by vandalism and poor maintenance. The range of products available, including anti-climb, high-security mesh and welded mesh panels, provides the ultimate protection from such claims. However, we cannot impress enough the importance of professional installation and regular maintenance to derive the full benefit.


High-security perimeter solutions don’t have to make commercial and industrial premises look like prisons. In some cases, they do because they act as a deterrent to vandals and thieves. However, you may be surprised to learn that these fencing products are also used in landscape gardening to create an attractive trellis effect. Panels made from stainless steel can also be used to create aesthetically pleasing features. In addition, there is virtually no limit to the configurations that can be chosen for that special look.

Premium-quality welded mesh fencing.

Choosing premium quality and competitively priced welded mesh fencing saves money over time. But, more importantly, it protects you from compensation claims that can make a huge hole in your budget.