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3 common uses for welded mesh fencing

3 common uses for welded mesh fencing

31st October 2017

When you think about welded mesh fencing, the natural thought springs to mind about the security benefits it brings; many organisations use this type of security fencing now, from zoos to huge arenas and football grounds. The reason for this is simple – welded mesh offers a superb mix of durability, great value and top-class protection.

If you are unsure as to how to mesh fencing can be used in terms of security, we have rounded up a few of the most common uses in the UK:

1. Public parks and playgrounds

One of the most popular ways to use welded mesh fencing for security is public playgrounds and parks. The attributes of the fencing make it ideal for this as it will stand up to the weather and the children that will be playing in them! It helps keep the children in the play area safe and can keep out any unwanted and potentially dangerous dogs.

2. Schools and nurseries

Another great use of this type of perimeter fencing is to secure schools and nurseries. Obviously, with the issue of child protection involved, this is of vital importance. In the same way, as fencing helps playgrounds keep out unwanted intruders and protect that inside, it does the same in this instance. You can’t be too careful with child safety, and effective security fencing is, therefore, a must.

3. Industrial sites

If you own or run a business on a large industrial site, knowing it is fully secured is key. This will not only give you peace of mind that your premises are safe when you’re not there but will also ensure it deters any unwanted guests from entering the grounds. Welded mesh fencing can do this perfectly and keep your business and its stock safe.

Here at Zaun Ltd, we are specialists in all-welded mesh fencing and woven mesh fencing and gates. So if you would like our help in making your site secure and fully protected, then get in touch today and see just how our range of superb solutions can assist you.