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Keeping your hockey pitches safe with security fencing

Keeping your hockey pitches safe with security fencing

13th February 2018

One of the major concerns for any sporting club, school or public amenity is site security. This is especially true for outdoor hockey pitches, which can be a tempting target for vandals if left accessible. These types of sites can be ruined by intruders making a mess of the pitches after dark or leaving rubbish everywhere when you come to play on them. This not only causes stress but means someone has to waste time getting them back in order again for people to use.

If you look after an outdoor hockey pitch, here are a few ways quality perimeter fencing can help:

1. Acts as a visual deterrent

Many intruders are opportunistic – they will simply be looking for somewhere to hang around or cause trouble in and pick the first place they spot that looks easy to get into. By installing top-quality security fencing, you are instantly protecting your outdoor hockey pitches from this. Once they see mesh fencing that is hard to breach, they will move on.

2. Makes it tough to access your site

If some vandals do decide that accessing your site illegally is a good idea, high-security fencing will stop them in their tracks! Having this type of security feature in place will make it so tough to get past that many will give up after trying for a bit. Welded mesh fencing and regular mesh fencing also need special tools to cut through, which most potential intruders will not have on their person.

3. Provides a safe environment to play in

The other main benefit of using security fencing for your outdoor hockey pitches is that it means they are kept safe and clean to play on. The fencing helps keep the pitches in top condition and will also mean that the people playing on them are protected from unwanted outside attention.

If you would like to know more about how perimeter fencing can help, get in touch with Zaun today. Our range of sports fencing will keep your outdoor hockey pitches safe and in mint condition.